Sachet 25 Count

Sachet 25 Count

  • 1899

    Pyramid Sachet Teabags:
    • Our whole leaf tea in pyramid sachet teabags 
    • Bags are a cornstarch biodegradable material
    • Each pyramid sachet will yield an 8 oz cup of tea
    • For full ingredients, search site with tea name

    Breakfast Blend* - earthy medium-bodied Rwanda black tea
    Assam Bukhial - full-bodied strong malty black tea
    Darjeeling Makaibari* - delicate light-bodied black tea
    Earl Grey* - traditional earl grey
    French Grey - strong earl grey with vanilla and rose
    Earl Grey Crème - earl grey with sweet vanilla notes
    Strawberry Mango* - brisk black tea with strawberry and mango
    Chocolate Coconut - black tea with dark chocolate, white chocolate, coconut
    Burnt Sugar - black tea similar to a Creme Brûlée flavor

    Imperial Green* - classic green tea
    Jasmine Green* - green tea with jasmine flowers
    Peach Apricot - green tea with apricot, peach
    Snow Monkey - green tea with lavender, vanilla, blueberry
    Lemon Mint* - green tea with lemon, spearmint
    Tropical Green - green tea with pineapple, mango, passion-fruit

    Calypso Cooler - tropical hibiscus, berry, coconut, orange, pineapple
    Sangria - fruity and tart blend of berries and hibiscus
    Sailor’s Brew - fruity wellness tea with citrus, hibiscus, eucalyptus
    Ginger Honey - ginger, bee pollen, apple
    Clarity - lemon ginger taste with a blend of lemon balm, verbena, ginger, blueberry
    Chamomile* - chamomile blossoms
    Peppermint* - peppermint leaves
    Fair Winds - chamomile, lavender, spearmint
    Vanilla Cedar - South African honeybush tea with vanilla

    Decaf Ceylon - decaf Ceylon black tea
    Decaf Cocoa Mint - decaf black tea, mint, chocolate
    Decaf Vanilla Bean - decaf black tea with vanilla

    *USDA certified organic

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