Raspberry Butter Cookie

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Tasting Notes: raspberry + sweet buttery notes

Description:  This dessert tea is a blend of sweet raspberry with white chocolate, apple, hibiscus, and hints of coconut. The result is a fruity tea with a smooth buttery cookie finish. Excellent on its own or add a touch of sweetener to increase the dessert taste. We love this tea both hot and iced.  The perfect selection for when you're craving a sweet dessert tea.

This dessert tea is inspired by two of our favorite raspberry cookies: Raspberry Linzer Tart cookies and Raspberry Thumbprint cookies. We were inspired by the flavor balance of sweet and tart raspberry accentuated by butter and sugar flavors of both traditional Linzer Tarts, Austrian Christmas cookies, and Raspberry Thumbprint cookies.  We hope you enjoy this one!

Ingredients: apple, hibiscus, raspberry, rose hips, blackberry leaves, coconut, white chocolate, chamomile blossoms

Steep Directions: steep 2 heaping teaspoons of tea per 8 oz boiling water, 205-212°F, for 7-10 minutes

No Caffeine

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