Green Bestseller Box

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Sampler Box with 5 Popular Green Teas

This sampler box is the perfect curated box for all green tea lovers.  In this assortment, you will be able to experience our most popular green teas. These versatile green teas are excellent hot and iced, and can be sipped straight up or with sweetener of choice.

  • Lemon Ginger - organic blend of green tea, ginger, lemongrass, lemon myrtle 
  • Mango Green - green tea, mango, pineapple, orange, safflower, moringa leaf 
  • Jasmine Dragon Pearl - organic jasmine scented green tea rolled into a pearl shape, jasmine flowers 
  • Snow Monkey - green tea, lavender, vanilla, blueberry
  • North Fork Strawberry - green tea, strawberry, papaya, rose petals, safflower, marigold
    Tea Net Weights:
    Lemon Ginger - net weight 26 g | 0.92 oz
    Mango Green - net weight 26 g | 0.92 oz
    Jasmine Dragon Pearl - net weight 26 g | 0.92 oz
    Snow Monkey - net weight 26 g | 0.92 oz
    North Fork Strawberry - net weight 26 g | 0.92 oz

    Box Contains:
    5 separate packs of loose leaf tea
    Each separate pack of tea will yield 8-10 servings
    Box contains 40-50 servings of loose tea total
    Total net weight of box 130 g | 4.59 oz

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