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Tasting Notes: robust, vegetal, green 

Description: A robust Japanese green tea that is smooth with green vegetal notes. Bancha is more full-bodied and earthy than other Japanese green teas.

An everyday classic that is harvested in late summer, Bancha means "common tea" and is appreciated in Japan for its robust flavor and strong character.

Bancha is produced from the same tea plants that produce premium sencha green tea. Sencha is harvested in the spring. Bancha is harvested later in the plucking season during late summer. This later plucking season causes the teas leaves to have a more robust flavor than sencha. In addition, bancha contains larger leaves and upper stems which are discarded during the production of sencha. These larger leaves and upper stems account for the strong green tea taste of bancha.

Ingredients: late summer harvest green tea from Japan

Steep Time: steep 1 heaping teaspoon of tea per 8 oz below boiling water, 160-175°F, for 1-3 minutes

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