Iced Tea Cocktail Box

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Sampler Box with 5 Herbal Tisanes
Fruity Teas to Make Boozy Iced Tea Cocktails
No Caffeine

A sampler box with herbal tisanes that make excellent cocktails.  These super fruity teas combined with vodka, tequila, white rum, or gin will give you a refreshing cocktail that is great for happy hour, boozy brunches, barbecues, tea parties, or a day relaxing at the beach!  

Tisanes are a type of herbal tea that are infusions of fruits, flowers, and botanicals other than the Camellia Sinensis tea plant. These fruity tisanes are excellent over ice with some booze — we suggest vodka but you can also use tequila, white rum or gin.

This sampler box contains five teas and instructions on how to craft the perfect fruity cocktails. Cheers!

  • Calypso Cooler - pineapple, apple, hibiscus, rose hips, orange, coconut, cherry (No Caffeine)
  • Purple Dragon - lemongrass, dragon fruit, hibiscus, apple, rose hip, butterfly pea, pineapple, lychee, strawberry, mango, marigold, chamomile (No Caffeine)
  • Tropical Hibiscus - peach, mango, papaya, apple, hibiscus (No Caffeine)
  • Wild Raspberry - raspberry, apple, hibiscus, pineapple, rose hips, blackberry leaf, blackberry, rhubarb (No Caffeine)
  • Passion Berry - organic blend of red rooibos tea, strawberry, currant, mango, orange, apple, lemongrass, hibiscus, rose hips, marigold (No Caffeine)

Tea Net Weights:
Calypso Cooler - net weight 26 g | 0.92 oz
Purple Dragon - net weight 26 g | 0.92 oz
Tropical Hibiscus - net weight 26 g | 0.92 oz
Wild Raspberry - net weight 26 g | 0.92 oz
Passion Berry - net weight 26 g | 0.92 oz

Box Contains:
5 separate packs of loose leaf tea
Each separate pack of tea will yield 8-10 servings
Box contains 40-50 servings of loose tea total
Total net weight of box 130 g | 6.35 oz

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