Toasted Sesame

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Tasting Notes: sesame, toffee, nutty 

Description: A toasty and rich oolong tea that's smooth and satisfying. A tea that's sweet and savory with notes of toffee, roasted nuts, and toasted sesame.

In this indulgent tea, the toasty and nutty notes of sesame seeds balance perfectly with nut brittle and roasted rice.  The addition of coconut offers a gentle sweetness that ties all the flavors together with the roasted oolong tea.

This tea is delicious both hot and iced either straight up or with milk of choice.  

Ingredients: oolong tea, nut brittle (hazelnut, sugar), coconut, roasted rice, sesame seeds, marigold petals 

Steep Directions: steep 1 heaping teaspoon of tea per 8 oz below boiling water, 195°F, for 3 minutes

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