Rwanda Rukeri BOP Organic

  • 800

Tasting Notes: toasted bread, ripe fruit, citrus

Description: A medium-bodied East African black tea that is a balance of malty and brisk with robust notes of toasted bread, ripe fruit, and citrus. A simple and straight-forward black tea that is smooth and satisfying. If you enjoy our Kenya Kosabei or English Breakfast, we suggest this tea for you as well.

Rwanda is a small tea growing country located in Central Eastern Africa nestled between Uganda, Tanzania, and the Congo. Rwanda produces world class teas due to the high elevation, tropical highland climate, and rich volcanic soil. The heat and humidity during the day, cool evenings, abundant rain, rich soil, and high elevations make it an optimal tea growing region.

The Rukeri Estate, located in the north west of Rwanda in a remote valley on rich soil, works collaboratively with small farmers of the region to be a high yielding tea estate.  The black teas produced in this estate are a cross between malty Indian Assam teas and the brisk lighter bodied black teas of Kenya.

Ingredients: organic black tea from the Rukeri Estate in Rwanda in BOP grade (broken orange pekoe)

Steep Directions: steep 1 heaping teaspoon of tea per 8 oz boiling water, 205-212°F, for 3-4 minutes

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