Decaf Black Tea Box

  • 2500


Sampler Box of 5 Decaffeinated Black Tea Blends

Decaf Orange Spice Noir - decaf black tea, orange, apple, cinnamon, coriander, pink peppercorn, clove, vanilla  (net weight 26 g | 0.92 oz) 
Decaf Chocolate Truffle - decaf black tea, dark chocolate, cacao nibs (net weight 26 g | 0.92 oz) 
Decaf English Toffee - decaf black tea, caramel, vanilla, toffee natural flavoring (net weight 26 g | 0.92 oz) 
Decaf Fruit Noir - decaf black tea, strawberry, pomegranate, cranberry, raspberry, papaya, rose hips, safflower (net weight 26 g | 0.92 oz) 
Decaf Earl Grey - decaf black tea, bergamot, orange, apple (net weight 26 g | 0.92 oz) 

  • Sampler box of loose tea with 5 separate packs of loose tea
  • The entire box contains a total of 35-50 servings of loose tea
  • Each separate pack of tea will make 7-10 servings of tea
  • Total net weight of box 130 g | 4.59 oz

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