Pouchong (Bao Zhong)

  • 1400

Tasting Notes: green freshness, floral, sweet butter

Description: Bao Zhong, aka Pouchong, is the most lightly oxidized of all oolong teas. This premium handcrafted tea is a specialty of Taiwan where it is produced in Wenshan, close to the capital city of Taipei.

This delicate oolong tea is so lightly oxidized that it tends to be more like a green tea in its appearance, aroma, and taste. This freshly harvested oolong has a floral aroma with a light body, buttery golden notes, and a green tea freshness. This soft and fragrant tea is a favorite of ours due to its lingering smooth sweet notes. An exquisite premium oolong tea to savor.

Ingredients: pouchong, aka bao zhong, oolong tea from Taiwan

Steep Directions: steep 1 heaping teaspoon of tea per 8 oz below boiling water, 195°F, for 3-4 minutes

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