Baked Cinnamon Apple

Baked Cinnamon Apple

  • 900

Tasting Notes: cinnamon + apple

Description: Inspired by apple turnovers, this tea blends smooth green tea with juicy apple and warm cinnamon spice. The addition of almond, currants, rose petals, and blackberry leaves adds a touch of sweetness.  

This aromatic green tea is a good choice for lovers of apple turnovers, apple pie, and all things cinnamon apple. Add a touch of honey to elevate the sweet apple notes.  

If you enjoyed our Cinnamon Apple green tea from previous years, you'll love this new tea. It's an elevated and more flavorful version of our now retired Cinnamon Apple tea.  

Ingredients: green tea, apple, cinnamon, currants, almond, blackberry leaves, rose petals

Steep Directions: steep 1 heaping teaspoon of tea per 8 oz below boiling water, 175°F, for 3-4 minutes

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