Caramel Yerba Mate

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Tasting Notes: caramel, roasted notes

Description: South American yerba mate blended with caramel. A good selection for coffee drinkers as this tea has a full body with roasted notes of chicory, toast, and caramel.

Yerba Mate is harvested from a holly leaf plant that is indigenous to the Amazon. This plant is known to energize and invigorate you. The traditional roasting techniques are what create the classic yerba mate taste that is coffee-like. This stimulating plant is enjoyed all over South America as a healthy, social, and energizing beverage. It contains more caffeine than coffee yet doesn't leave you with coffee jitters.

Ingredients: roasted yerba mate, caramel, marigold, safflower

Steep Directions: steep 1 heaping teaspoon of tea per 8 oz almost boiling water, 195-200°F, for 5 minutes

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