Matcha Ceremonial Organic Tin

  • 2900

Tasting Notes: This ultra-premium ceremonial matcha has a vibrant green color, is ground super-fine to facilitate incredible frothing and foam, and has a smooth flavor with a lovely crisp finish. Vegetal notes, such as sweet peas, linger with the rich grassy matcha notes. An incredibly smooth green tea. 

Info: Our organic ceremonial matcha is shade grown and made from the most tender and premium hand-picked young leaves of the Saemidori cultivar. It possesses a complex, smooth, savory, and sweet flavor.

This organic ceremonial matcha is harvested early in the growing season, during the First Flush in early springtime, which creates the smooth and complex flavor that is never bitter. Our ceremonial matcha is stone ground very finely which allows the matcha to whisk and froth easily.

Size of Tins + Serving Size: For this grade of matcha, 1/2 teaspoon equals approximately 1 serving. 1 serving equals a 2-4 oz cup of whisked prepared matcha.  This matcha is offered in two size tins:

  • 29 gram (1.02 oz) approximately 29 servings
  • 80 gram (2.82 oz) approximately 80 servings

Our matcha, both culinary and ceremonial, is cultivated from shade grown tencha*  tea leaves and then stone ground into green tea powder at the same tea garden in Shizuoka, Japan.

Research shows matcha can improve brain function, help you feel alert, may help protect the liver by aiding in flushing out toxins, is high in antioxidants, may improve heart health, and there's research it has a high amount of anti-cancer properties.

*Tencha refers to the fluffy tea leaves which are minimally-processed and are purposely grown and prepared for matcha production. Tencha is what the leaves are called once they have been harvested, steamed, dried, and baked but have not been stone-ground or finely milled yet. Once the tencha leaves have been finely ground into a fine powder, tencha transforms into the final product — matcha.

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