Spiced Cider

  • 800

Tasting Notes: plum + cinnamon 

Description: A juicy and cider-like tea that is sweet and cozy. A blend of juicy plum, spiced cinnamon, and aromatic allspice blended with naturally sweet South African rooibos tea. A touch of whole leaf stevia adds a sweet finish. 

A sweet and jammy spiced tea that is cozy and warming. An excellent base tea for a hot toddy. If you enjoy our Apple Pie and Gingerbread teas, we recommend this one too.  

Ingredients: red rooibos tea, plum, cinnamon, allspice, stevia leaf, vanilla

Steep Directions: steep 1-2 heaping teaspoon of tea per 8 oz boiling water, 205-212°F, for 7-10 minutes

No Caffeine

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