Recharge Pro Tumbler 18 oz

  • 4499

Recharge Pro Tumbler is a versatile solution that brews both hot and iced tea. This tumbler solves the headache of how to brew loose tea on the go and how to not over-steep your tea while on the go. The built-in infuser, the Smart Brewer system, allows you to brew your tea and stop the brewing all while you’re on the go.

Recharge Pro is the Swiss Army knife for Beverage. It’s a tumbler, teapot, tea infuser, iced tea maker, coffee press, thermos, and water bottle. This tumbler does it all. This tumbler brews 15.5 ounces of tea at one time. And when you remove the infuser basket, Recharge Pro holds 18 ounces of liquid.

Height 23 cm, 9.1 inch + Width 7.5cm, 3 inch
Capacity volume with infuser 15.5oz
Capacity volume without infuser 18 oz

Please note:
Hand-wash the metal cup
Smart Brewer and Lid are dishwasher safe

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