Jasmine Box

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Sampler Box with 5 Teas with Jasmine

Jasmine teas typically have green tea as the base, however, black tea and white tea are also scented with jasmine flowers. The scenting of tea occurs when tea leaves are intentionally exposed to aromatic scents such as flowers. The tea leaves absorb the scent and the taste of the tea leaves are altered. Jasmine teas have an ethereal floral flavor.

Jasmine Green - organic jasmine scented green tea, jasmine flowers (net weight 26 g | 0.92 oz) 
Jasmine Dragon Pearl - organic jasmine scented green tea rolled into a pearl shape, jasmine flowers (net weight 26 g | 0.92 oz) 
Jasmine Silver Needle - jasmine scented white tea, jasmine flowers (net weight 16 g | 0.56 oz)
Jasmine Black - jasmine scented black tea, jasmine flowers (net weight 26 g | 0.92 oz) 
Rose Bouquet - rose scented black tea, jasmine scented green tea, rose petals, jasmine flowers (net weight 26 g | 0.92 oz) 

  • Sampler box of loose tea with 5 separate packs of loose tea
  • The entire box contains a total of 35-50 servings of loose tea
  • Each separate pack of tea will make 7-10 servings of tea
  • Total net weight of box 120 g | 4.24 oz

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