Capsule Infuser

Capsule Infuser

  • 2600

Large stainless infuser to make iced tea and hot tea, can also be used as an herb and spice infuser for cooking. The convenient hook and chain with a lid works well to hang the infuser on the side of a pitcher, jar, or pot. 

Use this Capsule Infuser for flash chill iced tea
Directions: Use this infuser with a 1 gallon size pitcher to make quick iced tea. Fill the Capsule Infuser with loose tea. Using a 1 gallon size pitcher, pour 1/2 gallon of hot water into the pitcher immersing the Capsule Infuser. Brew your tea for the time on the package of tea. Once done steeping, remove the infuser. You will now have 1/2 gallon of hot tea brewed double strength. On top of the hot brewed tea, top the 1 gallon pitcher with ice. Stir and you have flash chill iced tea.

Size of Capsule Infuser:
L 5.25" x W 2.75" x H 2.625"
(L 13.3 cm x W 6.9 cm x H 6.6 cm)

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