Sachet Tea Bag Box

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Anchor Sachet Gift Box
This gift box contains 15 sachet tea bags of one flavor of tea in an anchor printed gift box. We've taken our whole leaf premium teas and put them into pyramid sachet tea bags. These teabags are crafted from a cornstarch biodegradable material. Each pyramid sachet will yield an 8 oz cup of tea.

French Grey - strong and aromatic earl grey with bergamot, vanilla, and rose. Takes milk and sugar well.
Assam - black tea tea similar to a hearty Irish Breakfast. A full-bodied black tea from the Bukhial Estate of India. Takes milk and sugar well.
Rwanda - black tea similar to an earthy English Breakfast. A medium-bodied organic orange pekoe tea from the Rukeri Estate in Rwanda. 

Tropical Green - fruity green tea with pineapple, mango, and passion-fruit
Imperial Green - classic Chinese sencha green tea with grassy and vegetal notes
Snow Monkey - soothing blend of green tea, vanilla, lavender, blueberry 

Ginger Honey - ginger with sweet bee pollen and apple
Sangria - fruity and tart with a blend of raspberry, strawberry, black currant, elderberry, apple, strawberry leaf, and hibiscus.
Vanilla Cedar - South African honeybush tea, a similar plant to rooibos tea, blended with vanilla. Takes milk, honey, and sugar well.
Sailor's Brew - fruity and citrus zesty herbal tea. A wellness brew that's high in Vitamin C with apple, carrot, tangerine, orange, blackberry leaf, eucalyptus, beet-root, hibiscus, lemongrass. 
Clarity - soothing lemon and ginger tasting herbal tea with apple, ginger, blueberry, lemongrass, lemon balm, lemon verbena, blackberry leaf, heather blossoms
Fair Winds - soothing blend of chamomile, lavender, spearmint, lemon myrtle


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